Melanie Kehoss
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Local Accents

An In:Site Milwaukee Public Art Work, part of Sherman Park's VibranC Program

     Sherman Park’s varied and historic homes are among the community’s most striking characteristics.  This project celebrates the area’s architecture and those residents who have kept it beautiful.


The project is comprised of seven patterns decorating the park’s paths.  Each of the elements of these patterns is an architectural embellishment on or in a local structure.  Like public art, beautiful architecture bolsters pride in its community.  I hope that this temporary addition to Sherman Park will not only decorate it, but also remind visitors of the beauty of their surroundings.

Installation Volunteers:
Ed Hamilton, Darsha & Sierra Lewis, Jason Lusk, Mary & Dale Kehoss, Rose McCulloch, Mike Michaels, and Ben  Rothschild

Thanks to Pegi Taylor, Amy Mangrich, Shrager Auction Galleries, Yesh Pavlic, and area residents.

1-2-3 Go!

A Madison Arts Commission Project in Cypress Spray Park

     These aluminum silhouettes are bracketed to the fence around a children's water spray park. The artwork is visible at all times on Madison's south side on Magnolia Lane and Cypress Spray Way.  The designs for this project reflect the diverse, family-oriented tone of the Burr Oaks Neighborhood.

     The silhouettes were fabricated by Medalist Laserfab, powedercoated by All-Color, and installed by the Howard Academy of the Metal Arts.

     Below are pictures of Students from the nearby Lincoln Elementary School, who helped to unveil the artwork in May of 2008. Also see images of the installation process.



The Destination Project

Nina Bednarski

A fleeting public art project curated by Melanie Kehoss
An artful farewell to the Capitol Square Bus Shelters

      In July of 2007, Madison's Capitol Square had a colorful addition:  Artists embellished the seven bus shelters as part of Destination, a BLINK Temporary Public Art Project.  Local artists Melanie Kehoss and Jesse Walters, as well as the city's Prinipal Planner, William Fruhling, selected proposals from seven artists to alter one structure each.  They had one day, July 1, to complete their artwork, and the public had one month to see it.  At the end of the July, the shelters, along with their respective artworks, were demolished and replaced.  


Darryl Jensen

Melanie Kehoss

Craig Grabhorn

John Riepenhoff

Sean Bodley & Nick Hartley


  All artwork Copyright 2019, Melanie Kehoss