Melanie Kehoss
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This series revolves around the material graphene.  Graphene, a single-atom-thick sheet of graphite, is two hundred times stronger than steel.  It can be produced by applying a speck of graphite to a piece of tape, and sticking and unsticking the tape until a thin film is produced.  

I used the same process to create these drawings, layering graphite-coated tape to create value changes on white paper. I used images from entomology to parallel the dual properties of smallness and strength.  Silk Moths and Security Codes

  Silk Moths and Security Codes
Dung Beetle on Code
After Sol in Graphene
Silk is Stronger Than Steel
Stable Structure in Ants
Not So Delicate Ant Study
Circuit Drawing V These five circuit drawings demonstrate the electrical conductivity of graphite and graphene. The drawn line conducts electricity, which powers LEDs. The brightness of the LED is effected by the length of the line. I peformed experiments to determine the pencil type (4B), line style (curved) surface (vellum), and number of passes (14) for optimal conductivity.  Each LED is sewn to the vellum, and the vellum is sewn to a sheet of paper.  The paper is then mounted in a modified shadow box.  Colored designs respond to the graphite lines and LED placement using various geometric systems.
Circuit Drawing  V
Circuit Drawing III Circuit Drawing IV Circuit Drawing I Circuit Drawing II
Circuit Drawing III 
Circuit Drawing  IV Circuit Drawing  I Circuit Drawing  II
  All artwork Copyright 2019, Melanie Kehoss